Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Latest Patch notes 4.0.6 PTR


Dungeons & Raids

  • The Deadmines
    • Foe Reaper 5000
      • Foe Reaper 5000's health has been reduced slightly. In addition, he now enrages at 40%, up from 30%.
      • When enraged, Molten Slag spawn 33% faster.
    • Vanessa VanCleef
      • Some boat fires will now go out when Vanessa VanCleef is defeated, making it easier to get back onto the ship from the cavern entrance.
      • Vengeance of VanCleef (New version: Vengeance of VanCleef) has been redesigned. It is now a stacking buff that increases damage dealt, size, and attack speed, and stacks up to 40 times. Vanessa will begin casting this as soon as she jumps back onto the boat after detonating charges.


  • Talent Specializations
    • Arms
      • Drums of War no longer lowers the rage cost of Piercing Howl.
      • Mortal Strike cost has been reduced by 5 rage.

User Interface

  • Addons section removed (these changes are only relevant to addon authors, most of whom have direct contact with UI developers to discuss patch updates