Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surviving in Azeroth Episode 4: 2 Tickets to Rantyland Please!

Hey everyone,

Wow already episode 4! Yes this time we take a visit to Rantyland with Crusader Illidarian... and Yes we went thru the grt rides in Rantyland unscathed hehe. (Sorry for the echo 1st time trying it out on the laptop didnt realize that i needed a head set to keep it from echoing.) I mention a Song called "run, Deathwing, Run"; Illidairan talks about Healadins, Devotion Aura, etc.. also she gets to recommend some grt things for y'all. I talk briefly about /mention Rioriel's "Postcards from Azeroth" blog and The Twisted Nether Blog cast.. promise to talk more about them next episode... kept forgetting to go to the topic but love that this is our longest episode so far. thank you again for Crusader Illidarian for being our first guest on the show.

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